StarFire RTK

StarFire RTK


Real Time Kinematic (RTK) satellite navigation is a technique used in land survey and in automatic guidance (agriculture) based on the use of carrier phase measurements of the GPS signals where a single reference station provides the real-time corrections to a rover vehicle (tractor, combine etc.) to a level of accuracy down to a centimetre.

How RTK System works.

The RTK system consists of a local base station near the field or farm that transmits corrections to the StarFire 3000 receiver on the RTK System equipped vehicle. The base station monitors the constellation of GPS satellites and continuously calculates a position.

As the base station is not moving, errors can be calculated in real-time. These fluctuations are then sent to the vehicle via the RTK System radio. The vehicle’s receiver uses this information to calculate a highly accurate, corrected position.

Precision pays.

Because AutoTrac RTK System optimises your guidance performance it also optimises your return on investment.

RTK and AutoTrac

AutoTrac & RTK Systems: where superior guidance leads.

Perfect repeatability.
If high-precision farming is your business, you need the utmost in guidance accuracy: AutoTrac & RTK Systems. The StarFire RTK signal combined with the AutoTrac system provides you with the most precise, repeatable guidance solution we offer. It makes easy work of applications such as listing and bedding up, row crop planting, strip tilling, ridge tilling, side-dressing and cultivating.

Hassle-free RTK System.
For many operators the most convenient large-area RTK network may well be dealer run. Why? Renting a usage license at your local John Deere dealer eliminates the need to own a base station outright. The overall investment is lower. And you can forget about maintenance issues. And if that isn’t enough, farmers in many European countries can also increase the flexibility of RTK System by adding our StarFire Mobile RTK System. It provides pinpoint accuracy without being tied down by the range and availability of a local base station.

RTK Extend.
With RTK Extend you can maintain the performance and full functionality of RTK System even when temporary line of sight obstructions occur. If the StarFire 3000 receiver has been powered for more than one hour, it will “extend” RTK System accuracy up to 15 minutes (two minutes if the receiver has been powered for less than one hour) following the loss of your base station signal.

Basestation RTK

The base station: Flexibility for more precision

Place it where you need it
A tripod is included in the base equipment but can be deducted in exchange for a universal mounting bracket that can be used to install the base station on a fence post, building, tower or other rigid structure. When positioning a base station, higher mounting locations increase the chances of maintaining a line-of-sight which are required between the Base Station and the StarFire 3000 receiver of the vehicle. The range of the RTK System signal (distance between Base Station and vehicle) in one direction is ~8km up to ~12km, depending on the location and landscape.

The base station requires a 12-volt power source. For permanently mounted base stations, such as on a building or radio tower, a 220- to 12-volt power supply is recommended. The StarFire 3000 receiver and radio draw approximately 1.5 amps.

It consists of:

  • StarFire 3000 receiver
  • RTK radio
  • RTK System activation
  • Wiring harness

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