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Thanks to our intelligent, satellite-guided machines, you can now achieve levels of productivity you’d never have thought possible a few years ago. The integrated i-modules take the strain off of operators and owners alike and even help with the paperwork by recording and evaluating key data as you work.
Three powerful i-Modules boost your productivity and significantly improve yield and throughput. They let you make full use of the width of the header and maximise field speeds at any time of the day or night.

Harvest Monitor

HarvestMonitor system: an excellent way to monitor harvest data.

HarvestMonitor system lets you keep track of your crops’ condition and performance during harvesting. From the comfort of your cab, you can find out crop moisture content, dry yield and productivity on the CommandCenter system. Keep totals of your crop yields and determine any crop variations in your field on-the-go. With this information, you can move towards minimizing inputs and maximising your productivity, even on your marginal ground.

The three components of HarvestMonitor system

    1. A monitor integrated into the CommandCenter display helps you make machine adjustments as you go with user-friendly, one-touch adjustability.
    2. Instant yield sensor calculates grain mass and converts it to a yield figure with ± 3% accuracy. Calibration is simple – simply weigh a reference trailer load and reconcile it against the measured value on the machine.
    3. Advanced moisture sensor averages three measurements to give an accuracy of ± 1%. Response time is faster, too – critical when capturing accurate harvest data.

Harvest Doc

Meet HarvestDoc system for excellent documentation convenience.

      1. In the perfect world of harvesting, the fields are forever level, the weather is always ideal, the crop density is completely uniform and the moisture levels are right all the time. In the real world, though, there’s only one constant: change.


      1. How do you manage change and get the most from your John Deere combine during harvest? It starts with having the right information at the right time.

The best management decisions start with HarvestDoc system.

      1. On your GreenStar 2630 display HarvestDoc system automatically gathers your raw yield, moisture and mapping information for every part of every field. At any given moment during your harvest, you’ll know precisely your crop yields, crop moisture levels and harvesting productivity.


      1. Working seamlessly with the combine’s HarvestMonitor hardware system, HarvestDoc system loads all this vital information onto a PC card. Take it to your home computer, download the data and create comprehensive yield and moisture maps along with productivity reports of each field. Precisely the information you need to better manage your inputs and make informed planning decisions. Plus, harvest the crops that are proven to meet quality assurance requirements.

The GreenStar 2630 display is used to operate HarvestDoc system, providing at-a-glance access to harvesting data and on-screen mapping on a large, touch screen, colour-coded display.


The HarvestSmart system gives you consistent feedrate control.
How do you get first-class feedrate in hilly terrain, different crop densities and changing field conditions? You can do it manually and hope for the best. Or you can do it automatically with John Deere’s HarvestSmart feedrate control system.
HarvestSmart system can adjust to changing field conditions faster than just about any operator can. It works by calculating the best speed for any field condition, then automatically adjusts the combine speed on-the-go. That’s critical to maintaining a consistent feedrate into the combine and achieving peak productivity. It’s now standard equipment on all i-Series combines from John Deere.
With HarvestSmart system, you can automatically control feedrate for either maximum throughput capacity or grain loss parameters. Simply select “Capacity” or “Smart” modes and HarvestSmart system will continually adjust the combine’s ground speed until you reach either your capacity limits (in Capacity mode) or loss limits (in Smart mode). Pull back on the hydro lever and HarvestSmart system disengages, allowing you to slow down for headland turns.
Since it automatically keeps the machine at your set maximum-capacity load, HarvestSmart system reduces fatigue and stress on the operator. Plus, you’ll get better grain quality and a cleaner grain sample due to more consistent crop loads.

How one user made the smart choice with HarvestSmart system control. “HarvestSmart system worked brilliantly for us. It was amazing how it adjusted to every little contour in the field. It not only increased our output, it further reduced the demands on the operator.”

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