GreenStar 3 Display 2630

GreenStar 3 Display 2630


Guidance you can grow with

As your business grows, so do your challenges. That’s why it makes sense to invest in a display that has the future built right in: the new GreenStar display. It gives you full monitoring and control over all the solutions you use in your John Deere tractor, baler, combine or sprayer.

From documentation and performance monitoring to guidance and advanced ISOBUS capabilities, the GreenStar 2630 sets new standards for convenience, comfort and efficiency.

Precision guidance

The GreenStar 2630 comes with Parallel Tracking manual guidance software preinstalled. The configurable homepage lets you operate in guidance mode while keeping track of your documents, ISOBUS and the performance monitor. Need more functionality? Simply upgrade your system with AutoTrac or AutoTrac Universal 200. Or add advanced solutions like iTEC Pro, Pivot Pro, implement steering and automatic section control.

ISOBUS keeps you in control

Enjoy worry-free ISOBUS implement control and application documentation on a single display. The easy-to-use implement connector allows seamless plug-and-play performance with any ISOBUS implement. The GreenStar 2630 is certified for ISOBUS 2011 and complies with ISO 11783.

Access Manager

The Access Manager provides an easy-to-use lockout function that lets you disable areas in the display you don’t want operators to change. By defining user access level you can make sure custom settings such as A-B lines will only be modified if you want it.

Documentation and data management

Display documentation provides on-screen mapping in colour. You can colour code each pass on a coverage map to get a real time picture of skips and overlaps. The map displayed reflects changes in application rates when spraying or spreading, and a legend defines each colour. Yield mapping is supported on harvesting machines.

Integrated performance monitor

The GreenStar 2630 saves you the cost of an extra performance monitor on compatible platforms. And it gives you an overview of machine performance values* such as:

  • Fuel usage (l/h)
  • Operational speed, productivity, engine load
  • Total and average values: area, distance, time and idle time; speed and productivity

Video function

The GreenStar 2630 display comes with a video input. For back view and when operating large implements just mount a camera. The video can be viewed while operating machinery directly on the display.

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