John Deere Section Control

John Deere Section Control


Section Control is gaining importance for all application types.
It has been proven that major cost savings are associated with Section Control systems on sprayers. Chemical prices are increasing year by year, and enormous cost savings are also possible in seeding or fertilizing tasks. With the ISOBUS standard, this functionality is now available not only for sprayers, but also for seeders/planters and spreaders.
John Deere Section Control is available for all John Deere implements supporting ‘Section Control’ functionality. Specified non-John Deere implements are also supported.

Overall customer benefits:

  • Cost reduction
  • High accuracy level
  • Timesaving
  • Operator can concentrate on other tasks besides operating sections
  • Higher comfort level reduces operator fatigue
  • Information management

Benefits for Sprayer
Overlap and crop damage due to overspray can be avoided which reduces the application costs and increases efficiency. Because the headland is sprayed last, machine and implement are less prone to corrosion due to the passing of an already applied area (e.g. AHL application). The capturing of buffer zone and legal requirements for active ingredients are easily and precisely met.

Benefits for Spreader
Application costs are significantly reduced in a comfortable way. Work as you used to; main part of the field first, headland last. Quality and legal (distance to surface water) standards are assured and controlled.

Benefits for Seeder
Avoiding the passing of a seeded or planted area a second time significantly reduces application costs. There is no change in work organization required: main part of the field first, headland last. Quality standards are assured and controlled by providing all data (e.g. priming information) and the required seeding rate can be calculated in the field.


  • Cost reduction
  • Operator comfort
  • Allows work order of main field and headland
  • Provide all required data; e.g. active ingredient

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