1010 Planter

1010 Planter


Integral precision planter for 2, 3, or 4 rows

• Traditional and reduced tillage system
• Row crop planting
• Fertilization and insecticide option while planting the seed

With the 1010 planter, you have an option to work with the traditional system as well as on a reduced tillage, adapting to field conditions in different textures.

It has different seed plates which ensures an excellent precision and seed separation due to its uniformly distributed holes, as well as the appropriate hole size for the seed to be planted.

Seed depth accuracy is also kept thanks to its clamping arms and its top-down action springs that keep the planting units adhered to the floor.


Seed System

  • 40 liter Seed hopper
  • Hopper made from high density polyethylene
  • Mechanical Planting system using seed plates
  • Tru-vee seed openers

Fertilizer system

  • 70 liter Fertilizer hopper
  • Dry granular type fertilizer
  • Hopper made from high density polyethylene

Insecticide System (Optional)

  • 16 liter Insecticide hopper
  • Dry micro-granular insecticide
  • Hopper made from high density polyethylene


Rows & Row Spacing
Number of rows Upto 4
Row spacing – cm 66, 75, 80, 85, 91, 100 cm


Hitch frame tube size Tubular PTR 6mm (0.25 “) thick x 127 x 178mm (5” x7 “).
Row unit frame Nodular cast iron


Base Integral

Drive system

Type Chain driven
Drive Wheels 1 1 (std) 2 (opt)

Row Units

Openers Tru-Vee™ double disk w/15-in. blade
Depth guaging Presser wheel
Planting depth 2 – 7.5 mm
Capacity 40 litres
Material High Density Polyethylene (HDP)
Single non-adj (std) 90 lbs
Double non-adj (opt) 180 lbs

Seed meters

Base Mechanical cell system

Closing System

Type Rubber tyre closing wheel
Rate sprockets Seed rate changing sprockets

Fertilizer System

Type Dry fertilizer (granular
Hopper capacity 70 litres
Material High density polyethylene (HDP)
Metering system Auger
Rate sprockets Fertilizer rate changing sprockets

Insecticide System

Type Dry (micro-granular)
Hopper capacity 16 litres
Material High density polyethylene (HDP)
Metering system Knob
Tractor compatibility 53-105 HP PTO (depending on row size


Transport widths 1.5 m 2.5 m 3.5 m
Weight (approx empty) 433 kg, 627 kg, 834 kg

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