643R Front Loader

643R Front Loader




  • Tool-free removal and attachment with just a few, simple steps
  • Frame design that allows for maximum maneuverability
  • Repositioned leveling links for better visibility
  • Automatic Mast Latch system for quick change from loader to three-point implements


The R-Series Loaders come with a number of options to enhance an operator’s experience and to allow more productivity in the field. These options include lighting, hydraulic remote implement latch, loader suspension system, and industry-exclusive return-to-position (RTP) Gen2 technology with electronic self-leveling.


Loader lights for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions

Hydraulic remote implement latch

Return-to-Position (RTP) Gen2 with electronic self-leveling (ESL)

Loader suspension system for a smoother ride


All of these options are powered using a common electrical harness. Features can be added or subtracted to get the job done right.

False rod cylinder

Fast bucket cycle times are important to dump the load from the bucket as quickly as possible (quite often) in order to be as productive as possible while completing loading operations. The bucket cylinder design can have a major impact on this cycle time, especially for the MSL loaders.


All MSL R-Series Loaders utilize false rod bucket cylinders. A false rod cylinder has a smaller displacement of oil requirement on the head end of the cylinder, which allows this cylinder to dump much faster than a normal cylinder.

Automatic mast latch system

R-Series Loaders are now even easier to remove and reinstall due to an automatic mast latch system. Simply exit the tractor once for removal and once for reinstall to reduce the amount of downtime associated with loader parking.


For a more detailed look at the steps, please refer to the operator’s manual.

To remove the loader, follow these simple steps:

  • Set the bucket flat on ground, release the hydraulic pressure, and exit the tractor.
  • Set the adjustable parking stands on the ground.
  • Flip the lock handles located on either mast to unlock the loader from the frames.

  • Disengage the hydraulic couplers and return to the tractor seat.
  • Back away from the loader.

To reinstall the loader follow these simple steps:

  • Drive the tractor into the loader, resulting in mechanical connection (no more maneuvering the loader to fit into the frames).
  • Exit the tractor.
  • Fold up the parking stands.
  • Attach the hydraulic connection.
  • Enter the tractor and have full control of the loader.

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