Grain Harvesting

S Series Combines

The S-Series Combines are equipped with new advances that create the perfect balance between front-end equipment and machine power, so together they can deliver stable, consistent performance with every pass. The result: less time in the field, higher grain and straw quality, and reliability you depend on.

Best-in-class power

Over 100 years of experience designing and building harvesting equipment has brought us here. Delivering 543 horsepower at rated speed and 617 horsepower at peak power, the S690 is the most powerful machine on the market, yet nimble enough to quickly respond to different crop conditions. Power, grain quality, and efficiency are not mutually exclusive. The S-Series combines deliver on all, and then some.

The premium cab features 30% more space
Generous spacing and all the comfort and convenience you can ask for. The new S-Series deluxe cab presents you with best-in-class views and lighting, familiar control placement, ergonomically designed seats, well-appointed technology, and amenities that keep your drink cold and you comfortable all day.

Folding grain tank covers/extensions
Now you can stay in your seat, and with the push of a button, control your grain tank covers and the loading auger from your CommandArmâ„¢.

High-performance cleaning system
We gave the S-Series cleaning system a larger cleaning shoe and unique, multi-leveled design that increases the capacity and reduces sensitivity to slopes while still delivering quality results.

400-bushel grain tanks
The more your grain tank can hold the less time you spend unloading. That’s why the new S680 and S690 models feature a robust 400-bushel grain tank designed to hold more, so you can bang out the acres, fast.

Active Tailing System
Thanks to the Active Tailings System, a new feature dedicated to the two largest models, capacity and efficiency are at its optimum. This new system increases separator capacity by providing the opportunity for additional threshing of the return grain, if necessary. The tailings are evenly distributed to the cleaning shoe while you keep harvesting.

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