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Chisel Cultivator Works up to 350mm deep!
The robust Kverneland CLC EVO cultivator is designed to achieve both thorough straw incorporation and deep soil movement at working depths of 5 to 40 cm carrying out shallow or deep work it is a substitute for the majority of your soil working implements.
The Kverneland CLC EVO is ideal for preparing ground prior to stone and clod separation in readiness for planting potatoes and breaking up compacted tramlines after harvest and it makes an extremely well prepared seedbed when fitted with the robust cage roller which can be fitted to all models.
Ample Under Frame Clearance
The Kverneland CLC EVO has a 100 x 100mm welded sectional steel frame. This robust construction together with the special heat treated tines give an under frame clearance of 800 mm. This together with a tine spacing of 280 mm gives a great advantage in trashy conditions.
Special Heat Treated Tines
The Auto reset tines being used on the CLC EVO cultivators are heat treated just like on the ploughs. Off course these parts are worldwide well known for the high quality and long lasting durability.
Plough Point
Each tine is provided with a reversible and removable point made from high quality steel for maximum service life. This allows the CLC EVO to work at great depths even in stony soil and eliminates plough pans in this way encouraging natural drainage.
For stubble cultivation the CLC EVO can be fitted with 30 cm wing shares allowing all the soil to be worked across the entire working width at a depth of 5 to 15 cm.

  • Ample Under Frame Clearance
  • Breaking up compacted tramlines after harvest
  • Eliminates plough pans
  • Encourages natural drainage
  • Ideal for preparing ground prior to stone and clod separation
  • Potatoe Planting
  • Special Heat Treated Tines
  • Works up to 350mm deep!

No of tines Working Width Transport Width Weight Rigid nonstop
7 2 2.5m
9 2.5m 2.5m 475/575kg
11 3 3 550/670kg
13 3.5 3.5 650/800
15 4 4 1050/1200
17 4.3 2.85 1185/1350
19 5.1 2.9 1300/1500

2m Fixed 2 Beam Frame Auto Reset 265mm tine spacing

Price: $10,495
2m Roller$2,669
Category: Soil_Equipment
Type: Cultivators

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