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Works up to 450mm deep.
The Kverneland CLC II is a new development that aims to bring the best of two existing Kverneland machines.
Variable height and pitch
The CLG frame is a bolt together system.
The frame gains flexibility by being bolted instead of welded together and this gives the frame a great strength and the capability to handle more stress.
The CLG beams are wider spaced than the CLC EVO there is better material flow through the tines and therefore blocking is minimised.
Tine positioning can be done to any spacing due to the fact that the frame is bolted and the ribs and depth control wheels can be moved to the required position.
On the CLC II machine the short leaf spring unit is swapped out for the longer and stronger CLG leaf spring that gives the tine a greater ground pressure.
It is still possible to fit wing shares on the CLC II tine that combined with the live action of the tine gives the machine the capability to act as a cultivator

  • Great Working Depth
  • Incredible Strength
  • Works up to 450mm deep

Specifications Working Width (m) Frame Width (m) Tine Spacing (mm) Amount of Ribs
CLCII 5 Tine 1.7 2.2 350 2
CLCII 7 Tine 2.1 2.9 300 4
CLCII 9 Tine 2.7 2.9 300 4
CLCII 11 Tine 3.3 3.8 300 6
CLCII 13 Tine 3.8 3.8 290 6
CLCII 15 Tine 4.3 4.3 290 6
CLCII 17 Tine 4.9 4.9 290 6
CLCII 19 Tine 5.5 5.5 290 6

CLC Tines Long Leafsprings 4.7m Frame 4.3 Width

Price: $26,705
4.7m Roller$6,131
Category: Soil_Equipment
Type: Cultivators

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