DOBLE TT GAW 5900 70 / 75Kg

This unit is designed to work plowing and leveling compacted soils. Your weight Kgs 70/75 disc allows it to penetrate hardened trampling of hacienda produced by intensive grazing land. Accessory Toothed harrows FLEXIBLE AND ROLO complements the unit to make a perfect seedbed. This accessory can be easily disengaged.

Dredge mismatched drives chassis built in profiles UPN welded together by welding arc system submerged four wheels 650 x 16 points Changeable shafts reinforced wheel axles thwarts benches disk support mounted on bearings 30211 with cores boxes inner and outer support disks SAE 10201030 cast steel SAE 1045 steel shafts round 38.1 mm. semichasis disc fixed to the chassis by sliding with bolts releases regulation by exclusive system threadably drive of its wheels by hydraulic cylinders with pipe fittings and hoses toothed discs 1 quality

model 5900
UPN 100 Records 24 x 5 mm
Sep. 220mm. Rodam. 30211

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Model: GAW 5900 70 / 75Kg
Price: Query Price
Category: Soil_Preparation
Type: Bulldozer

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