1755 Drawn Planter

The John Deere 1755 Drawn Planter – discounted until 30 September 2017

Compact Size, Incomparable Performance


The John Deere 1755 Drawn Planter is a compact, versatile, economical unit, that attaches directly to a tractor’s drawbar and is available in 4-, 6-, and 8-row configurations.


No matter what type of farming you practice, there’s a 1755 Drawn Planter variant to meet your planting needs.


The John Deere 1755 Drawn Planter can also be fitted with attachments to increase its usefulness and efficiency, for example:


  • Walking Gauge Wheels

    – to enhance depth control consistency

  • Coulter Blades

    – creates tillage action in front of the openers


Order Yours Now – From only R269 358 until 30 September 2017

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